May 2020

Chambers for climate simulation

[:en] Climatic chambers are equipment or facilities used in laboratories, designed to simulate controlled conditions of temperature and relative humidity inside and carry out studies or tests with which to verify the behavior, durability and quality of products and materials exposed to such weather conditions. The different conditions in the climatic chambers are generated by various…

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New EPOCH 6LT Flaw Detector

[:en] Portable and easy to use, the new Olympus Latin America EPOCH 6LT flaw detector offers an ergonomic and resistant structure that provides comfort and maximum performance in non-destructive inspections. It weighs only 890g. and presents an excellent distribution of its center of gravity, thanks to its design that allows operations to be carried out with one hand, thus reducing the …

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Sheet Metal Testing Machine

[:en] Material testing machines or universal testing machines are designed to carry out static or quasi-static tests in the direction of traction and compression. These machines allow tensile, compression, bending, tearing, peeling, friction or low-speed cycle tests, among other functions. These are high end material testing machines. …

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