Get to know the features of Olympus OmniScan x3

The new Olympus OmniScan x3 has confirmed that technology and innovation are great allies for industries. This multi-element ultrasound flaw detector has a total focusing method that allows you to build confidence in everything your users see. It is a complete toolbox capable of finding defects with its total targeting method (TFM). With these advanced visualization methods, the user will have the ability to complete their inspections with greater confidence.


One of the most interesting novelties of this new defect detector is that it eliminates reprocessing and some steps at the time of inspection. This functionality is a great advance, since inspections are carried out more efficiently and their results are highly reliable compared to other inspection systems. For all the people who have already been users of OmniScan products, it is very easy to adapt to this new technology, and for those who have not, its intuitive system will allow them to adapt without any inconvenience.


Reliability as a guarantee of use


The Olympus OmniScan 3x stands for reliability in all processes. Its fast, intuitive and highly secure system allows the identification of flaws and defects that cannot be detected with the naked eye or with other inspection systems. It is endowed with tools that enable its users to complete their work efficiently. Its application ranges from analysis of welds, pipes, alloys, corrosion and mapping of various characteristics.


Among its main features and benefits we can find:


  1. Better Defect Representations
  2. Representations to detect hydrogen attacks
  3. Integrated Acoustic Influence Map (AIM) reflectance simulator
  4. speed multiplied by 3
  5. Calibration speed
  6. High amplitude range to 800 % reduces the need for double scanning
  7. Integrated holder for Dual Linear Array™ and Dual Matrix Array™ probes


With these main features and benefits, the Olympus OmniScan x 3 has become a great ally for industries. We invite you to learn about this equipment, its features and benefits. Complete the following form and we will contact you!


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