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  • [:es]Cámaras para simulación climática[:en]Environmental test chambers[:]
    Material Testing

    Chambers for climate simulation

    Chambers for simulation tests of climatic conditions, including temperature, humidity, corrosion, vibration, etc. Thermal shock chambers, shelters equipped for telecommunications and space simulators.

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  • [:es]Celdas de carga especiales y transductores para calibración[:en]Precision load cells and transducers for calibration[:]
    Sensors and Solutions

    Special load cells and transducers for calibration

    Special load cells, instrumentation and transducers for the calibration of universal testing machines (torque, low profile, high precision) in all ranges.

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  • [:es]Consumibles para Metalografía[:en]Consumables for Metallography[:]
    Material Process

    Consumables for Metallography

    High quality consumables for metallographic sample preparation.

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  • [:es]Equipos y consumibles para detección de fugas[:en]Equipments and consumables for leak detection[:]
    Non Destructive Testing and Inspection Techniques

    leak detection

    Kit of fluorescent inks, UV flashlights and ultrasound equipment for leak detection of various gases and fluids. Ask us for stock available for immediate delivery.

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  • Non Destructive Testing and Inspection Techniques

    Flaw detectors by ECT, ECA, RFT, NFL, MFL and IRIS

    Portable equipment with different techniques included as standard, or at the user's request.

  • Non Destructive Testing and Inspection Techniques

    Fault detectors by Phased Array, TOFD and FMC / TFM

    State-of-the-art portable equipment with the four techniques fully enabled as standard, available with the capacity to work with PR transducers in all its versions, thus facilitating inspections of stainless steel materials.


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