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  • [:es]Detectores y generadores de Rayos X[:en]Digital detector and X-Ray generators[:]
    Non Destructive Testing and Inspection Techniques

    RX generators and detectors

    X-ray generators compatible with digital (CR or DR) and film detectors.

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  • [:es]Impresoras 3D con material metálico[:en]Metal 3D printing[:]
    Material Process

    3D printers with metallic material

    Equipment for 3D printing with metallic material of different characteristics, such as Titanium, Aluminum, and alloys.

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  • [:es]Equipos para ensayo de cables, correas y tanques[:en]NDT of ropes, conveyor belts and tanks.[:]
    Non Destructive Testing and Inspection Techniques

    Wire rope inspection

    Equipment for the control of steel cables, conveyor belts, and storage tanks applying in all cases the MFL technique.[:en]Non-destructive testing of steel wire ropes, steel-cord conveyor belts and storage tanks.

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  • Non Destructive Testing and Inspection Techniques

    UV lamps and flashlights

    UV light flashlights, radiometers, and UV and visible LED light lamps, portable and stationary for work benches.

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  • [:es]Productos para ensayos con líquidos penetrantes y partículas magnéticas[:en]Products for penetrant testing[:]
    Non Destructive Testing and Inspection Techniques

    Penetrating Liquids and Magnetizable Particles

    Accessories and consumables to carry out complete inspections of LP or PM, both in the visible and fluorescent types.

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  • [:es]Máquinas de ensayo estáticas y dinámicas avanzadas[:en]Advanced static and dynamic testing machines[:]
    Material Testing

    Advanced static and dynamic testing machines

    Universal machines and systems for static and dynamic testing of materials, parts and structures for aerospace and automotive testing. Earthquake and wave simulators.


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