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Predictive maintenance will anticipate possible errors. Learn more about him in this note.


What is predictive maintenance and how does it work?


If in your industry they work with machines, then you should know that maintenance is essential to avoid possible failures. Also, if a machine breaks down, there could be fatal consequences, or cost a lot of money. That's why, predictive maintenance is an essential aspect in every industry. The same are a series of actions that are carried out to avoid and anticipate some errors of the machinery.


Remember that being able to anticipate problems is vital for everyone's safety. So he Predictive Maintenance done through data analysis the general forecast of the machine. In turn, work with sensors installed on the computer, which send data on its status in real time. On the other hand, it transfers the results to the cloud, where a huge amount of data is collected and analyzed.


Lastly, the Predictive Maintenance works with the data processed in line with machine learning. This system performs patterns and comparisons, in order to predict failures, and schedule maintenance in advance.


Equipment and laboratories for predictive maintenance, here at ARO.


In RING, we have solutions for industry and laboratories. Some of them are:

  • Ferrographers.
  • Particle counters and classifiers.
  • Viscometers.


These kits can be used to laboratory and field analysis. In addition, they use laser imaging techniques and advanced image processing software. Thus, they can identify the type, production rate, and severity of mechanical failures. This type of Predictive Maintenance It is done through the measurement of:

  • The size distribution.
  • The rate of progression.
  • The form of debris in lubricating fluids.


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