Inspección de cables de acero

Wire rope inspection

Industries need to have systems that allow the identification of deficiencies in elements of great importance such as steel cables.


inspection of steel cables, both superficially and volumetrically, It is of vital importance to increase efficiency and safety in industries. And when we talk about security, we focus on the fact that it is one of the companies' priorities. Safety should be the most important. It has been proven that many of the accidents that occur today are associated with the lack of maintenance and inspection of the elements of vital importance in companies. In this case, the steel cables are of great importance in the company and are high value elements. Not inspecting them can cause large-scale accidents and, likewise, generate money losses due to the high costs of their recovery.


Additionally, the steel wires they must contain a safe load weight and must be maintained in good condition. This, to avoid major failures that can generate fatalities or high investments to correct errors. It is for this reason that it has been proven that a high frequency of maintenance, instead of generating wear and use of resources, prevents loss of money and increases operator safety.


Failures to detect in steel cables


In the steel wires faults such as:


  1. Fatigue
  2. abrasion and corrosion
  3. kinks
  4. Stretching


Each of these failures generates a bigger problem since energy cannot be transported with high efficiency. Likewise, repairing these systems can be more expensive than assigning periodic inspection routines.


Aspects to keep in mind when inspecting steel cables:


In order to carry out a correct inspection of steel wires, we suggest that the following parameters be taken into account:


  1. Generate a periodic maintenance routine. For cables with constant use, the inspection must be carried out at least once a week.
  2. Train all operators on issues related to inspection of steel cables
  3. Include within the quality control policies the maintenance and inspection routines of steel cables
  4. Keep control of the associated costs and take action in those recurring activities that are generating economic losses
  5. Control the cable in its entire length, which is easily achieved with INTRON equipment, even in those cables that are at a great height.


inspection of steel wires It is ideal to avoid incurring additional costs and reprocessing that affect efficiency and safety in the industries.

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