We offer a wide range of Services for Production and Quality Control

Commissioning, training and coaching

It is carried out on all the equipment that we commercialize (metrology, destructive and non-destructive tests, etc.) guaranteeing the start up and the training of the operators for the correct use of the same. We issue Training Certificate.

Repairs at our facilities and on site

We have state-of-the-art Certified instruments for all types of repairs of the equipment we sell, and a stock of original spare parts guaranteeing interventions.

Verification and calibration

Ultrasound and Phased Array Equipment

The linearity conditions of the equipment and its accessory parts are verified with certified standards. This service allows you to maintain the calibration conditions when using the equipment.

Profile Projectors

The magnifications and the reading system are compared with certified glass rulers; If it is necessary to correct, we proceed to calibrate the optics (lenses).


Micrometric templates are used for verification. In the event of a magnification defect, the objectives and/or eyepieces are changed. Mechanical parts are repaired.

Universal Testing Machines up to 100 Tn

The verification consists of comparing the load cell and the electronics of the machine with our certified GOLD class INTERFACE load cells of up to 100Tn. The traverse velocity and displacement analysis is performed with a Renishaw XL-80 interferometric laser. If the calibration is necessary, we proceed to correct the electronics, thus guaranteeing the precision of the tests (intervention in the electronics is only available for the brands we sell).

Nuclear Density Meters

In our bunker and laboratory, with certified personnel and instruments, complying with all ARN (Nuclear Regulatory Agency) regulations, interventions are guaranteed. The verification service verifies that the radiation emitted and received is in accordance with the factory parameters, calibrating and/or correcting the electronics with original TROXLER patterns and spare parts.

Predictive maintenance in Spectrometry

This Service guarantees the duration and provision of the equipment. An on-site (customer) action plan is implemented including review, preventative verification and ongoing training.

Verification of machines, CNC and EDM tools

verify the performance of the machines, identifying the points of conflict or possible wear, in order to guarantee the precision of production. The recorded data is analyzed according to standards.


This service consists of updating and/or modernizing obsolete equipment, turning it into NEW equipment. Analog electronics are replaced by a state-of-the-art digital one. It can be carried out on (MMC) Measuring Machines, (MUE) Testing Machines, Profile Projectors. It is carried out on all MMC and MUE brands. This alternative allows to eliminate important costs, not only in investment of capital goods but also what it represents to get rid of obsolete machinery, time and space. We will make a brief description of the service below.

Coordinate Measuring Machine

An exhaustive verification of the mechanics and electronics is carried out, proceeding to the replacement of all the electronic components (controller, servodrivers, joystick). If necessary, the measurement rulers and/or rotary encoders are replaced by optical linear ones. The measuring head can be reused if it is in good condition, or it may require the installation of a new one. It is usually necessary to adapt a PC for the chosen measurement software. The MMC that will work as a
recently acquired.

Universal Testing Machines up to 100 Tn

Retrofitting is done in Testing Machines of all brands, Static and Dynamic, Electromechanical or Hydraulic.
In all cases, the retrofit consists, after an exhaustive verification, in the change of the obsolete electronics for a new one; including software. If necessary, the load cells are changed to measure the force. In electromechanical it is possible to have to change the set of motor and driver. If they have extensometers, they are verified and calibrated; if they don't have it, it can be added. The retrofit is finished with the calibration of the equipment with our certified GOLD class INTERFACE load cells of up to 100Tn.

profile projectors

It has two stages: Tuning and Upgrade. Tuning consists of: revision of the optical system, verification of mirrors, lenses, screen and mechanical parts. In projectors with a lot of wear, the mirror is reluminized and the linear bearings are changed. The Upgrade or retrofitting consists of changing the digital optical rules with the display or metrological calculator with output to a printer and PC. This retrofit contains all the advantages of the other retrofits, improving operating performance and overall times.


Contact with our specialists

The staff of our organization is highly qualified and willing to help you technically and commercially on different issues.


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Non Destructive Testing and Inspection Techniques

Ultrasonic thickness gauges

Portable equipment capable of measuring precisely and accurately in a wide variety of geometries and materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, polymers, composites, cast iron, forging, glass.

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