Two spectrometers that will surely interest you.

Within the analytical tests, we have the spectrometers. Here we have two of them, which will surely interest you.


Relevant data on spectrometers.


A spectrometer is a piece of equipment that measures the properties of light, in a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. It measures through light intensity or electromagnetic polarization. Specifically, these devices are used in spectroscopy, to produce spectral lines or measure wavelengths and intensities. Its use is essential for analytical essays and help to give some report on the origin of the sample. Also, it indicates how much of the substance is in the sample.


Two spectrometers that you will want to have in your industry.


In RINGWe have a wide range of stationary and field equipment for analysis of used oils and fuels. These analyzes allow reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime. Also, increase the useful life of equipment and improve safety. Now, we will tell you about two spectrometers for the analysis of used oils and fuels:


  1. MiniLab 53 Series: With this equipment, oil analysis provides early indications of wear on machinery. Also, it identifies the root causes of corrosion. oil analysis in on site Reduces the waiting time for results. Furthermore, it can be used by non-expert operators, since no specific chemicals are required.
  2. MiniLab TruVu 360: This software includes a browser platform installed on your company network. Thus, access to data in the cloud will be immediate. Also, it unifies the trend of the assets of the condition of the oil, the chemistry and the wear of the machinery. It is the precise tool for comprehensive monitoring in combustion inspection.


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