Industrial metrology trends

[:is]The metrology It occupies a relevant role in the industry, since it is through measurements that the exact results of a process or product are obtained.

Metrology involves precise measurement solutions for industrial tools and components. It is used for quality control, in order to guarantee the proper functioning of industrial products, in the final consumer market.

As technology has advanced, manufacturing companies have also digitized their processes. This somehow was collaborating to produce changes in quality assurance (QA).

What are the trends in metrology industrial?

  • Metrology involved in production: measurement technology is getting closer and closer to production. Online solutions are becoming more common, so companies expect “plug and play” solutions. This is to automate and integrate the measurement technology, in the production plants.
  • Product tests and, consequently, the guarantee in the processes, are becoming increasingly important areas of metrology in companies. Here the requirement of speed, dimension, shape prevails. In short, the most important thing here is precision.
  • Measurement technology becomes easier in practice: The reality is that production users are not metrology experts. Therefore more and more importance is attached to simple operability and understanding of results. A new user interface and operating concepts will be required especially for production users.
  • Quick Run: it is important that quality control processes are able to keep up with production. This means being able to measure faster, concentrating on the essentials and not having to repeat all the steps in any of the processes.
  • Direct answer to the manufacturing machine: sIf a problem is detected, it should be reported and resolved quickly. Solving this effectively and in the shortest possible time has become an essential objective of quality control.
  • Predictive support through the use of Artificial Intelligence: the changes are detected before the production is outside the "tolerance time". Here artificial intelligence solutions will be introduced to support the user, and not cancel it

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