detección fluorescente de fugas

What is fluorescent leak detection all about?

Leaks in hydraulic systems can be found and repaired through fluorescent leak detection. We tell you what it is about. 

Finding leaks in hydraulic systems is essential for any industry. There are various types of leaks and it is very important to be consistent in the preventive maintenance of the systems to avoid them. Fluorescent leak detection plays a fundamental role at this point. 

Over time, hydraulic fluid systems can develop internal and external leaks that lead to poor performance. External leaks are the easiest to locate using fluorescence detection. 

If leaks are not fixed immediately, it can be dangerous to workers and the environment from leaking fluids. In addition, quickly detecting the problem, time is saved in the necessary repairs and the consequent production stops, avoiding higher costs in the future.

Why fluorescent leak detection?

Fluorescent leak detection is easy to incorporate into a preventative maintenance program. It is visually intuitive, cost effective and extremely effective. Technical specialists can safely scan near moving parts to easily detect all types of leaks.

This technique prevents future repairs on the equipment, reducing labor costs and avoiding downtime. In addition, it helps reduce environmental contamination and dangerous working conditions by warning of misplaced fluids. 

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