Technical Services

We offer a wide range of Services for Production and Quality Control.

ARO has an expert staff formed by Engineeres and Technicias, and certified high-tech  equipment.

We perform services in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

  • Start up and training
    These services are offer for all equipments included in our Sales Program (metrology, destructive and non destructive testing, etc.) providing warranty for start up and user training for proper use of the equipments. Training Certificates.
  • Repairs in our facilities and customer site
    We have state-of-the-art certified instruments for all kind of repairs of equipments included in our Sales Program, and original spare parts.
  • Predictive Maintenance in Spectrometry
    This services guarantees equipment life and function. We implement a course pof action on customer site including general evaluation, verification and continuous training. This plan focuses on manteining optics sensibility and optimizing electronic readout systems through direct actions on excit, processing and readout stages.
  • Verification and Calibration
    These Services can be performed on a wide range of equipments:

    • Ultrasound and Phased Array equipments
    • Nuclear Densimeters
    • Universal Testing Machines up to 100Tn
    • Profile Projectors
    • Microscopes
  • Retrofit
    This Service provides an update on obsolete equipments transforming them into NEW ones. Analogical electronics is replaced for a high-tech digital one.
    Can be performed on (CMM) Coordenate Measuring Machine, (UTM) Universal Testing Machine, and Profile Projectors. Retrofit is offered for all CMM and UTM brands.
  • Verification of CNC Machine Tools
    This new Service allow to verify machine function, identifying troubled and/or wared away spots in order to guarantee production accuracy according to International Standards.

Our Services are guaranteed by ARO’s 60 years on the marked, and provide many advantages. Our Staff is prepared to inform you about the details of each service and evaluate your specific requirements. Contact us!

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Our staff is made up of highly qualified professionals, ready to assist you technically and commercially on different topics such as Testing Machine and Equipment, Measurement Lab Tools, Quality Control, Development and Research.

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