Our Commercial Program

Testing, Prospecting, Weighing, Analysis and Miscellaneous Records


Spectro Analytical Instr. GmbH

Optical emission spectrometer. Portable and stationary spectrometers. Spark techniques, XRF, ICP and ICP-MS.



Simple to use measurement software for a wide range of data acquisition hardware. Unlimited channels. Instruments for navigation, positioning, inertial, satellite, telemetry and vibration, among other applications. Advanced software analysis and processing.


High quality consumables for the preparation of metallographic samples.

Spectro Scientific

Equipment and laboratories for predictive maintenance. Ferrometers. Classifiers and particle counters. Viscometers. FTIR. Spectrometers for analysis of lubricants and fuels.

Interface Inc.

Special load cells and instrumentation. Transducers for calibration of universal test machines (torque, low profile, high precision) in all ranges.

WDM Ltd.

Rolling laboratories and pavement testing equipment. Determination of route parameters: slippage, rutting, roughness.

Ling Dynamic Systems Ltd. (LDS)

Special equipment and systems for vibration generation, spectral, modal and dynamic analysis. Simulators. Acquisition of high speed data.

Angelantoni Test Technologies S.R.L.

Chambers for climate simulation (temperature, humidity, corrosion, vibration, etc.), thermal shock chambers, telecommunications shelters and special simulators.

MicroStrain Inc.

Sensors of last generation, mini and microminiatura, of force, orientation and displacement, intelligent, mobile and wireless.


Technical didactic equipment for technical, university and scientific applications. Investigation and development. Simulations.
Services of calibration of machines CMM, MTP, optical, equipment and instruments of measurement.

Machines and Instruments for Materials Testing

Controls Group

Physical test equipment for the Construction industry and Road sector. Classification and testing of soils, rocks, concrete, cement and steel rods. Tests on asphalt and asphalt mixtures.

Erichsen GMBH & Co. Kg

Machines for testing of drawing. Instruments for the testing of paints, lacquers, varnishes and inks. Corrosion testing. Measurement of physical properties. Measurement of coatings thickness NF / F.


Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc.

Equipment for the determination of humidity and density in soils, thin layers, asphalts, pavements and superpave. Ignition furnaces.

MTS Systems Corporation

Universal machines and systems for static and dynamic testing of materials, parts and structures.
Simulators. Aerospace and automotive testing. Pendulums, concrete presses.

Non-Destructive Materials Testing

Logo Balteau

Balteau NDT

Digital detectors and X-Ray generators for non-destructive testing. Digital Industrial Radiography. Radioscopy. Stand alone and online systems. Computed Tomography.

VPG – Micro-Measurements

Strain gages. Analysis of tensions. Photoelasticity. Instrumentation.

Olympus Latin America

Equipment, instruments and systems for non-destructive testing of materials using Ultrasound, Phased Array, TOFD and Eddy Current techniques.
Videoscopios, borescopes and industrial fibroscopes, flexible and rigid.



Non-destructive testing of steel wire ropes, steel-cord conveyor belts and storage tanks.


Equipment and installations for non-destructive tests by eddy currents (eddy currents) and by dispersed flow. Inspection in high temperature.


Fluorescent inks and complete solutions in UV (ultraviolet), lamps, kits, radiometers, photometers, for detection of losses and defects, in all type of hydraulic systems.


Sherwin Inc.

Consumables for penetrant material testing.

Dimensional Metrology

Solartron Metrology

Universal transducers and indicators for linear analog and digital measurement.

Wenzel Group GmbH & Co. KG.

Machines for measuring by coordinates, by contact and optics. Measurement of gears. Reverse engineering. Industrial computed tomography (faults and dimensional) equipment.

Hommel-Etamic GmbH

Optical, pneumatic and contact equipment, systems and instruments for surface quality measurement. Rugosmeters.
Measurement of shapes and shape errors.

Renishaw Pic.

Measuring transducers for coordinate measuring machines.
Accessories. Software. Calibrations and retrofits. Machine Tool Probe (MTP), equipment and sensors for control on machine tools (Ballbar)